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Hope to see all of you in 2021!


Chairperson, Ron Bonadonna

2019 Inductees:

2020 Induction Banquet Cancelled

Due to current conditions, the banquet originally scheduled for Oct. 3, 2020, has been cancelled. All nominees and any future nominees up to July 15, 2021 will be considered for induction at our proposed Oct 2, 2021 banquet at The Columbian Club in Avenel, NJ. We apologize for the cancellation, but a banquet for this year would simply be out of the question in light of the current situation in the world; we would like to have all who are selected for induction to be given the same honors attained by all of the current members -- a banquet celebration of their acceptance to our organization that acknowledges their contribution to the development of New Jersey drum corps.

New Jersey Drum Corps Hall of Fame

This group exists to recognize outstanding contributions in all aspects of the drum and bugle corps activity within the state of New Jersey. As anyone experienced in drum corps knows, it takes many talents and types of people to make a corps successful. Whether it's outstanding horn or drum chops, color guard skills, leadership from within the line, inspiring instruction, talented photography, providing meals on wheels for touring musicians or the business acumen to keep a corps operating, we strive to find it all and give each person the spotlight he or she deserves.


Nominations will be accepted until July 15, 2021.

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The Banquet

Once being accepted as an Inductee, the nominee will be honored at an annual banquet held in Avenel, NJ.

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